Freedom and the Seed staff

We are a team of health professionals dedicated to providing you and your growing family with loving care. We trust that you will find a place among us, and encourage you to make an appointment with us to start the conversation!

We hope you spend some time on this site exploring who we are and what we do. Check out our resources page for more information about what is happening around the Valley as well as nationally and globally!

pregnant womancontact us

Please feel free to contact us by phone- 480.528.1689- or email- info@freedomandtheseed.com- to ask any questions or set up an appointment to meet the team. We are excited to meet you and your growing family!

what will my care be like?

If you have never had holistic care by a midwife, you may be interested to read a description of what it would be like at Freedom and the Seed. You might find it quite a contrast to typical obstetrical care. Click here to read more information about our care.